Texas Tuesday: Bananas & Minions

In August my family and I were visiting the home of some friends for dinner. While there, I walked into their backyard and saw, with awe and amazement, this:


That’s right, there were bananas growing in their backyard! I’m still getting used to seeing things like this growing outside of people’s houses in this region of Texas — lemon trees; avacado trees; giant, prehistoric-looking palm trees, etc. The couple who a few years ago planted the banana tree in this photograph harvested those bananas last week. Naturally, since they also have young children, I thought of the “Banana Song” by the Minions, which I will now share with my devoted followers:

2 thoughts on “Texas Tuesday: Bananas & Minions

  1. Full disclosure: The bananas are somehow skipping “ripe” and individually jumping from “not ready” to “too brown” overnight. We’re yet again thankful that we don’t have to survive solely on what we can grow, because mint leaves and jalapeños probably aren’t adequate nourishment.


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