Texas Tuesday: Cupcake Cowgirls

My family and I recently made a pilgrimage to the Cupcake Cowgirls on Galveston Island. In 2012, the owner of this franchise and her baking partner were crowned Cupcake Wars Champions on an episode of the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. That’s a show our oldest son used to watch, so he was especially excited about our visit to this hallowed ground.


Naturally, we decided that there had to be a taste test. The three cupcakes selected for this test were the “Vanilla Birthday” cupcake with green icing, presumably in honor of St. Patrick’s Day; the “When Country Wasn’t Cool” cupcake with Coca-Cola in the chocolate batter and with chocolate icing; and the “S’mores” cupcake, which was chocolate with a bit of graham cracker and more than a bit of marshmallow topping in place of icing.

And the winner was . . . the “S’mores” cupcake! Three out of four of us agreed. The youngest one in our midst refused to taste that particular flavor. He had no idea what he was missing. But it did leave a few more bites for the rest of us to share. Yum!

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