On the Road with the Rector #5

Added LaneLiving in the City of Houston provides us with incredible opportunities to participate in cultural and intellectual events. Throughout the year, I’ll invite you and your friends and neighbors to join me in some of these activities that might either strengthen or challenge us as Christians.

The next “On the Road with the Rector” event is a panel discussion tomorrow that kicks off a mini-conference at Rice University on the largest multi-national study to date of scientists’ attitudes towards religion. The panelists include: Alper Bilgili, Suleyman Sah University; Helen Rose Ebaugh, University of Houston; Elaine Howard Ecklund, Rice University; Steven Lewis, Rice University; Kirstin Matthews, Rice University; Chantal Saint-Blancat, University of Padova; David Voas, University of Essex; and Fenggang Yang, Purdue University. This mini-conference, sponsored by the Religion and Public Life Program at Rice University, is open to the public.

Click here for the full schedule, including details about the evening sessions that will follow the panel discussion. That opening, plenary session begins on Thursday, December 3, at 5:30 p.m. in Auditorium 103 of Rice University’s BioScience Research Collaborative Building, which is located at 6500 Main Street. As always, if possible, please let them know that you will be attending. You can RSVP either by registering online or by sending an email to Hayley Hemstreet, Program Manager for the Religion and Public Life Program, at hayley.j.hemstreet@rice.edu.

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